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Elevate your photography game

 Good photography of your creation helps you to stand out in the competition. We’ve collected some tips & accessory recommendations, that will take your snapshot game from amateur to expert.

James' tips & tricks

Did you know that great lighting is your number one tool if you’re going to construct a fade? Pay attention to male grooming expert James Beaumont’s tips and stay ahead of the competition.

Joeri's tips & tricks

As an all-round hair creative, Joeri Rouffa has broken ground and thrived everywhere in the industry, from styling to coloring. Here are Joeri’s essential tips on how to create award-winning looks. 

Lois Cohen's photography tips

Dutch photographer Lois Cohen shares her top tips and tricks for shooting the perfect shot of your best looks. With her expert advice, you really can’t go wrong.

Daniel's tips & tricks

As an expert of daring color blends, go-to colorist Daniel Yap loves to share his do’s and don’ts. Press play to discover how he works strand by strand to create beautiful and refined hair looks.

Joeri's favorite product

Devoted to natural, brilliant hair, it comes as no surprise that renowned hair stylist Joeri Rouffa considers Keune’s Freestyle Spray as his all-time favorite product. Watch the video and find out why!

James' favorite products

Top stylist and Global Ambassador 1922 by J.M. Keune James Beaumont details his holy-grail Keune product for a really dry, natural mat look. Watch the video to discover why you should add this product to your competition toolbox.

Mark's tips

Whether it’s outstanding color blending techniques or the perfect hairspray that adds shine, our global jury member Mark van Westerop knows firsthand the power of confidence-evoking tips & tricks to step up your hair game. 

Meet the jury: Daniel Yap

As a forward-looking hair artist and salon owner, Daniel Yap continues to experiment, innovate and surprise. His specialization: everything that is outrageous! For Daniel, all hair is a canvas for boundless color creations.

Meet the jury: Lois Cohen

Let us introduce you to the versatile artist and Dutch photographer, Lois Cohen. Her style is fueled by her vivid imagination and that’s exactly what she expects from this year’s competitors: looks that include an element of storytelling.

Meet the jury: Jayne Lewis-Orr

Beauty journalist Jayne Lewis-Orr is a real industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. If you want to impress Jayne, your entry should reflect who you are and not what you think the judges are looking for. Authenticity wins!

Meet the jury: Joanne van Hoeflaken

 As our global education manager, Joanne is dedicated to giving her time and insights back to young industry professionals. This year, she hopes to find stylists that break boundaries in their work.

Meet the jury: Kenny Shen

With over 13 years of experience, Taiwanese jury member Kenny Shen masters the skills of color blocking and Japanese hairstyles. His advice: don’t go overboard with creativity and techniques, focus is key!

Meet the jury: Mark van Westerop

Dutch Hairdresser of the Year 2022, Mark van Westerop, loves to share his knowledge and experiences with other likeminded hair creatives. He has a huge passion for everything unconventional.

Meet the jury: Artem Kayukov

Creative force Artem Kayukov is on fire. Artem’s work has recently been published in Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. His biggest inspiration: The world’s fashion houses!

Meet the jury: De-Wei Liu

 In real life, De-Wei is just as sharp as his barber blade. Despite his busy schedule, we managed to ask the world-renowned barber and hair stylist a few rapid-fire questions. Let’s dive in! 

Meet the jury: Fiol Thormann

The Dominican top hair stylist and last year’s True Beauty category winner returns as one of our special jury members. Read on for everything you need to know about this powerhouse.

Meet the jury: Joeri Rouffa

Born in Belgium, but based in Los Angeles. Joeri’s impressive international career took him all over the world, working with the biggest fashion magazines out there. 

Meet the jury: James Beaumont

With a highly selective eye developed from a wide range of experience, male hairdressing expert James Beaumont loves to share his passion for the barbering category. 

Eyes on the prizes

The global winners of the Keune Hairstylist Awards do not only get well-deserved recognition, but are also rewarded with amazing prizes to deepen the impact of their innovating work. Curious yet?

Wanted: New Wave Of Creatives

Whether you’re a gamechanger in creating bold, vibrant and colorful looks or more of a silky smooth hair expert, we’re calling on you! Discover this year’s 4 categories to impress our global jury.