We proudly welcome back De-Wei Liu, last year’s Barber Boss category winner and this year’s special jury member. In real life, De-Wei is just as sharp as his barber blade. Despite his busy schedule, we managed to ask the world-renowned barber and hair stylist a few rapid-fire questions. Let’s dive in!

“I became a hairstylist simply because I want to look good every day!“

De-Wei, it’s great to catch up. Can you tell a bit more about yourself?

“So, I’m De-Wei and I come from Taiwan. I grew up in the Taiwanese countryside of the Taoyuan region in the north-west. I became a hair stylist simply because I want to look good every day! I’ve been in the industry for nearly 20 years and own 3 salons, all in very different styles. I personally specialize in men’s cuts, perm, color, and vintage styling.”

Well, that explains why you won last year’s Barber Boss prize! What is your advice for hair stylists participating in this year’s Keune Hairstylist Awards?

“I would say that every hair stylist needs to fully demonstrate their expertise. Like barbering techniques, for instance. They also need to make sure they express the category explicitly. For example, if you’re participating in the Barber Boss category, you don’t want to give the jury the impression that your creation is more focused on color.”



“Make sure you consider the overall looks as well as the volume and texture of the hair of your model. This is really important in this category. Don’t add too many colors or curls unnecessarily. And make sure you shoot your photos in a professional studio. Not just out of respect for your own creation – it shows you respect the competition, too.”