We’re proud to have Joanne van Hoeflaken, our very own Global Education Manager, as a jury member for the Keune Hairstylist Awards. With nearly 30 years of industry experience, she truly knows what she’s looking for – and that’s not just a winner. For the participants, there’s more at stake. Read on to find out what that is.

“People need to 'feel' your creation. Make them want to wear it, even if it's just for 5 minutes.”


Joanne’s career in hair began 26 years ago, when she started working as a hairdresser. Joanne: “It was a very nice salon and they allowed me to develop as a hairstylist. I followed many different training courses and soon I realised that being an educator myself and training others is my real passion. That’s when I became an educator for a big brand.”

Joanne spent the following years in different positions including – and not limited to – field educator, event manager, and as part of the marketing team. And then she met Eelco Keune.

“What this company has accomplished is exceptional. “

Seven years ago, Joanne met Eelco Keune through her work as a field educator. “Eelco told me passionately about his family business which I already knew about, of course. In this industry, you always keep an eye on your competition”, she explains. “At the time, I saw significant changes at Keune because of his leadership and plans. Eelco, his company and I turned out to be a good match. So I made the decision to work for a beautiful family company that, despite its many years of experience, still operates as a start-up. And I haven’t regret it for a minute. What this company has accomplished in recent years is exceptional.”



“People need to ‘feel’ your creation. Make them want to wear it, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. They need to desire it”, Joanne says. “And listen carefully to the tips and tricks of our Global Ambassador jury panel. They are highly skilled professional artists who have done competitions like this before. They know…”

While Joanne has been Keune’s Global Education Manager for over 6 years, she’s convinced you can only succeed on a global level by starting locally. “I’ve worked as a local education manager in my previous role. It’s super important to understand local education before you can create plans for global education”, she explains.


In this year’s Keune Hairstylist Awards, Joanne is looking for hair stylists that break boundaries in their work. Joanne: “Let people see that you have thought it all out—every piece of it. But please don’t go crazy!” Important advice. Not in the least because there’s a lot at stake.

More than just a category winner, Joanne is also looking for new educators and artists in the making. “That’s why I’ll pay close attention to technical skills that translate well into education or shows”, she says. Good to know!