It’s a pleasure to introduce Artem Kayukov as one of our special jury members. The top hair stylist and last year’s Unlimited Creativity category winner is a true asset to our judges panel. Whether you need to know how to impress the judges or simply want to get to know the creative guru better: this is what you need to know.

“Don’t be afraid of anything. Embody your most creative ideas, and remember: nothing is impossible.”

Magical childhood memories

Artem has worked in the industry since the very young age of 16, now 12 years ago. He developed his love for hair in his early childhood: “When I went to the hairdresser with my mother, I admired the masters. They were like magicians to me”, Artem reminisces. These childhood memories influenced the trajectory of his professional life. After finishing primary school, he went on to study to be a hairdresser. This laid the foundation for the creative force he is today.

On inspiration and the craft

The biggest inspiration sparking Artem’s creativity? The world’s fashion houses! “They teach me how to present a woman in modern times”, he explains. “And I really love my profession for the backstage dynamics. Every time I apply the finishing touches, I feel like a true creator.”

Pinpointing his favorite part of the craft proves a bit more difficult. Artem: “In my work, I get excited about everything. Whether that’s coloring, cutting, or styling. But my absolute strength and creative outlet is the creation of hairstyles.”

And that doesn’t go unnoticed. Artem’s work has been published in Vogue, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar. Winning the Keune Hairstylist Awards in 2021, gave a further boost to Artem’s career. “Photos with my work flew all over the world’s social media”, Artem adds.



If you ask Artem, there are 3 essentials for a strong creative look: an open mind, a strong photographer, and a good canvas.

“You can find inspiration everywhere. Look for your exclusive hair design idea using any type of material. You also need a photographer who knows how to shoot hair and can work with the lighting to convey the right mood for your image. And, last but not least, work with a professional model.”