Fiol Thormann is back. The Dominican top hair stylist and last year’s True Beauty category winner returns as one of our special jury members. With over 15 years of industry experience, she has an impressive track record and even owns her own hairdressing academy. Read on for everything you need to know about this powerhouse.

“Since my childhood, I’ve loved everything that has to do with hair“

It started in the Caribbean

Fiol, originally from the Dominican Republic, started her training in 2004 in Germany. But her love for all things hair developed long before. “Since my childhood, I’ve loved everything that has to do with hair,” Fiol says. “It all started in my country in the Caribbean, where I was already cutting the hair of my neighbor’s children, not always to the satisfaction of their mothers.”

Fiol’s training and hard work pay off. She becomes a professional hair stylist and wins a range of prizes, including the CAT European Championship 2021 and various German championships. Her work has also been published by the German Intercoiffeur Group. And that’s only the beginning.

In November 2020, she opens her own hairdressing academy in the German town of Ahlen. And while building on a successful decade-long career, she’s still driven as always. Fiol: “I put my passion and love for hairdressing into practice every day, both in my salon Friseurhaus and in my hairdressing academy.”



What Fiol loves most about hairstyling? The fact she turned her passion and hobby into her profession. “I am happy every day and still cannot get enough of it. In all my hairdressing activities I have a lot of fun, especially when it comes to cuts and colors,” she beams.

“When my vision took shape, it took me 2 months to create the final look. “

We can’t wait to hear what inspired her winning True Beauty look. Turns out it’s all about vibrancy. Fiol: “I first tried to imagine what would be suitable for Keune. What does Keune stand for? What matches Keune? When I looked at Keune’s website, beauty and elegance immediately came to mind.

At the time, our everyday life had become sad and colorless because of the coronavirus. So I needed fresh, shiny, bright, and multi-faceted colors. When my vision took shape, it took me 2 months to create the final look. I used Keune’s Soft Mousse, Keratin Smooth 2-Phase-Spray, Keratin Smooth Serum, Root Volumizer and Freestyle Spray.”


What should the model look like? Which hair structure is suitable for this look? And which haircut and color fit the overall picture?

Pay attention to which styling products you use to get your hair in the perfect shape for the look. 

The overall look includes great make-up. Make sure it flows with the look – and invest in shooting high-quality photos with a good light source.